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The name Caramoan has been officially used since 1619, the year it was named by a Spanish missionary friar, Francisco de la Cruz Y Oropesa. Fr. Oropesa penetrated the thick virgin forest of the Caramoan Peninsula and founded a small settlement in a place called Baluarte. This settlement was subsequently turned over to the administration of the Holy Bishopric in 1696.

Prior to the arrival of the Spaniards, it was determined that the place was once called Guta de Leche, which was given by Dutch traders who operated a gold mine in Lahuy Island and who frequented the area to trade with the natives. The name was perhaps derived from the milkdrop stalagmites found among the rocks of Guta Port. Upon the arrival of the Spaniards, the place came to be called "Carahan" for the sea turtle, which was at that time to be found in great number along the shores of the Peninsula.

Caramoan is bounded on the north by the town of Garchitorena and the Philippine Sea of the Pacific Ocean; on the north-east by the island province of Catanduanes; on the south by Lagonoy Gulf; on the east by the Maqueda Channel and on the west by the municipality of Presentacion.

2Days & 1Night - REGULAR PACKAGE

Note: This Rates are for Budget type of Accommodation only.

alt2D/1N Tour Inclusions (All in Package)

altAll Transportation Services from Pick up to Drop off Points.
For Naga and Manila Pick up: alt
   alt Latest Van Models
   alt Driver Food/Toll Fee/Diesel/Allowance
   alt Cool and Friendly Driver

altAir-conditioned Rooms (1N)

   alt Fully Air-conditioned
   alt Twin-Triple-Quad Share Rooms
   alt Courteous Hotel/Resort Staff
alt3 Meals [Manage Buffet] (Seafood-Bicoldish-Meat)
   alt 1 Set of Breakfast(Silog + Coffee)
   alt 1 Set of Lunch + Fruit in Season
 1 Set of Dinner + Dessert
   alt Distilled Drinking Water
alt1 Day Island Hopping Tour (maximum of 5 islands)
alt Boat w/ Life vest
altTour Guide(2 Days)
altTerminal Fees
altEnvironmental Fees
altEntrance Fees

altFresh Buko
alt  Complimentary/Welcome Drinks
alt  1 BONFIRE Set-up


altMatukad Island (Hidden Lagoon)
altLajos Island (Back to Back Beach)
altCagbalinad Island (Centered Stone Beach)
altBusdac Beach (Fine Black Sand)
altMinalajos Island (Sea Cave Lagoon)
altSt. Michael Archangel Church
altGota Village Resort/Hunongan Cove [optional]
alt​Souvenir Shop [optional]

Activities: (Included) alt
altIsland Hopping

Other Activities: (Excluded) alt
altSnorkeling - P150 / gear
altCaving - P300 / pax
altRock Climbing - P350 / pax
altRappelling - P500 / pax
altSpear Fishing - P200 / gear
altKayaking - P150 / hr

Free Sidetrips: (For Manila)
altDeer Farm / Kinahulogan Falls
altCWC or Bicol Pasalubong Center
altBasilica Church / Penafrancia Church 
altNaga City Tour




Note: Rates are Homestay/Transient type only. 

3D/2N Tour Inclusions (All in Package)

All Transportation Services from Pick up to Drop off Points.
For Naga and Manila Pick up: 
    Latest Van Models
    Driver Food/Toll Fee/Diesel/Allowance
    Cool and Friendly Driver
Air-conditioned Rooms (2Nights) [Quad Sharing]
    Fully Air-conditioned
    Twin-Triple-Quad Share Rooms
    Courteous Hotel/Resort Staff
6 Meals [Manage Buffet] (Seafood-Bicoldish-Meat)
    2 Sets of Breakfast(Silog + Coffee)
    2 Sets of Lunch + Fruit in Season
    2 Sets of Dinner + Dessert
2 Day Island Hopping Tour (maximum of 10 islands)
Tour Guide(3 Days)
Terminal Fees
Environmental Fees
Entrance Fees
Fresh Buko
  Complimentary/Welcome Drinks
  1 Light Snack (Bicol Pancit Bato)




Matukad Island (Hidden Fresh Water Lagoon)
Lajos Island (Back to Back Beach)
Cagbalinad Island (Centered Stone Beach)
Busdac Beach (Fine Black Sand)
Minalajos Island (Sea  Cave Lagoon)
Manlawe Sandbar 
Cutivas Island
Guinahoan Lighthouse
Sabitang Laya 
Bag-ing Island
Gota Village/Honungan Cove [Sightsee-ing]
St. Michael Archangel Church
​Souvenir Shop [optional]

Activities: (Included) 
Island Hopping

Other Activities: (Excluded) 
Floating Cottage in Manlawi - P200 / unit
Snorkeling - P150 / gear
Caving - P300 / pax
Rock Climbing - P350 / pax
Rappelling - P500 / pax
Spear Fishing - P200 / gear
Kayaking - P150 / hr

Free Sidetrips: (For Manila)
Deer Farm / Kinahulogan Falls
CWC or Bicol Pasalubong Center
Basilica Church / Penafrancia Church 
Naga City Tour



4Days and 3Nights

4D3N TOUR INCLUSIONS (All in Package)

All Transportation Services from Pick up to Drop off Points.
[Guijalo Port, Naga City, Manila-NCR]
Air-conditioned Rooms (3N) [Quad Sharing]
9 Meals [Buffet Type] (Seafood,Bicoldish,Meat)
3 Day Island Hopping Tour (maximum of 14 islands+Cave)
Tour Guide(4 Days)
Terminal Fees
Environmental Fees
Entrance Fees
Fresh Buko





  • Matukad Island (Hidden Lagoon)
  • Lajos Island (Back to Back Beach)
  • Cagbalinad Island (Centered Stone Beach)
  • Busdac Beach (Fine Black Sand)
  • Minalajos Island
  • Manlawe Sandbar
  • Cutivas Island
  • Bogtong Beach
  • Sabitang Laya [Not Available]
  • Bag-ing Island
  • Katanhawa 1 Big 
  • Katanhawan 2 Small
  • Pitogo Island
  • Lantangan "Pebble Beach"
  • Omang Cave
  • St. Michael Archangel Church
  • Souvenir Shop[optional]